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Vallter 2000

Flanked by mountain peaks, the base of the resort is 2000 m above the valley of the River Ter. This exceptional location affords it breathtaking panoramic views. At the 2535 m vantage point you can see the Bay of Roses and Cap de Creus on the Costa Brava.

The most Mediterranean snow in the Pyrenees

Now approaching its 35th year as a ski resort, Vallter 2000 is in the Morenç-Ulldeter cirque glacier in the easternmost part of the Pyrenees in the district of Setcases in the county of Ripollès. Skiers of all abilities - from beginners to medium and high levels - come to enjoy the 20 km of skiable slopes on 14 pistes at different levels, plus a fun park and five freeride slopes.

A summer for enjoying the surroundings

In summer, you can explore the area through the many walking trails from the resort, including the classic Vallter-Núria walk or the trails to the source of the River Ter and Xalet Vell. In summer, one of the resort's main attractions, the chairlift, can take visitors to the source of the River Ter.