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R+D+i Projects


The rail within Europe has a much lower market share than road in the freight market. This is partially due to the existing operation rigidity in production, consumption or intermodality centres. This project aims to develop an integrated decision support platform for the design and planning phases of logistic intermodal terminals which will allow a reinvention of the actual transport model. Taking into account that rail freight transport is an increasing activity in FGC, this tool will allow an optimisation of actual processes and an increment of this activity. The main characteristics of the platform are the following:

- Tool based in BIM methodology adapted to logistic intermodal terminals taking into account design, planning, operation and maintenance phases.

- Advanced simulations of various scenarios in the different terminal options with indicators of: costs, maintenance, energy efficiency, productivity, capacity and environmental impacts.

- Assessment of impacts on the terminal surrounding area and on the existing logistics network regarding functional, economic and environmental dimensions.

- Optimisation of the logistic processes based in the intermodality.


Subsidy: European program H2020