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R+D+i Projects


This Project aims to develop an informatics platform which allows to organize, plan and buy door to door multimodal travels gathering all the existing European mobility services by eliminating the interoperability barriers between modes of transport. Benefits arisen from the union of all the information, planning and the ticketing services are evaluated in: social terms, allowing an optimal process with the correct information for the passenger, including those with special needs; environmental terms, optimising the itineraries with sustainable criteria promoting the use of public transport, bikes or walking; and economic terms, making visible better options of transport for the passenger which would be the case of the FGC rail network. The main platform characteristics are the following:

- Open and readily usable framework with intermodal options which will integrate data and systems covering from planning through booking and the full range of decisions.

- Open infrastructure that allows organisations to set up cost effective integration of existing systems and to create value added multimodal travel services.

- Evaluation of new concepts and solutions of multimodal trips with the quantification of user and society variables.

- Contribution to sustainable development measures with participation of all stakeholders.


Subsidy: European program H2020