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The implementation of traditional drills in FGC facilities, which are necessary for the training of the agents in charge of respond to any emergency, is nowadays a process with a complex organisation and with high demand of resources. AUGGMED aims to develop a serious game platform to enable single and team based training in multiple situations; thereby improving users skills such as emotional management, analytical thinking, problem solving and proper decision making. This approach would provide in an optimal way the necessary experience to ensure the efficient response to any emergency that threatens the FGC users and workers security. The main characteristics of the platform would be:

- Advanced simulations including: multiple facilities, different agents involved, communications between agents and produced damages.

- Inclusion of tools for trainers enabling: set learning objectives, define scenarios, monitor training sessions, modify scenarios, and provide feedback in real-time, as well as evaluate trainee performance and set training curricula for individual personnel in the post-training session phase.

- Platform offered in affordable way for different devices in: simple virtual reality, immersive virtual reality and immersive mixed reality on-site.


Subsidy: European program H2020