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R+D+i Projects


The overall objective of the project is to develop technologies able to detect, to predict the evolution and to make a diagnosis of incipient cracks in initial states situated in critical elements of the railway infrastructure such as switch tongue of track diversions. This will make possible to predict the component fracture once the crack is detected.  

The continuous monitoring of such elements will result in a substantial increase in infrastructure security as well as a reduction in costs of operation and maintenance; maximizing the availability of the infrastructure, increasing its effective life and minimizing the impact of repair operations.

Currently, rail operators or infrastructure maintenance areas, such as FGC, to determine whether to perform maintenance on tracks have to do, in addition to visual inspection, track auscultation in which some values of different geometric parameters ​​are recorded and depending on them the maintenance is programmed. Thereupon the implementation of this predictive system will lead to an intelligent maintenance.

Subsidy: State program Retos