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R+D+i Projects


The aim of this project is to develop a decision making support tool for railway and infrastructure operators to optimize the electric consumption of the system. To address the objective is intended to develop a software capable to simulate a complete rail network in terms of energy consumption and able to give response to answers like: Which electricity supply contract suits better?, Which way of driving reduces the consumption while maintains the quality of service?, What time of return does it have to introduce an ATP or a converter change?

In order to answer these questions, the tool must contain an adequate model of each of the elements of the system:

- Model of the power supply network, including all components of the electrical infrastructure such as traction substations, catenary or converters.

- Model of consumption of the traction system, which will include the dynamics of the train as well as the auxiliary consumptions. To do it will be necessary all the characteristics of the vehicle, as well as the path on which it circulates. Finally the on-board regeneration systems of braking energy will be taken into account.

Subsidy: State program Retos