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R+D+i Projects


The project will develop and demonstrate a converged fronthaul and backhaul infrastructure integrating advanced wireless and novel optical network solutions with 5G connection.

Τo address the limitations of the current D-RAN and C-RAN approaches, 5G-PICTURE will exploit flexible functional splits that can be dynamically selected, to optimize resource and energy efficiency. This results in a paradigm shift, from RAN and C-RAN to ʽDis-Aggregated RANʼ (DA-RAN). DA-RAN is a novel concept where hardware and software components are disaggregated across the wireless, optical and compute/storage domains. Resource disaggregation allows decoupling these components, creating a common "pool of resources" that can be independently selected and allocated on demand to compose any infrastructure service.

Key enablers for DA-RAN are network softwarization, migrating from the conventional closed networking model to an open reference platform, supported through; and hardware programmability, where hardware is configured directly by network functions, to provide the required performance. 

Subsidy: European program H2020