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Montserrat Rack Train and Cable Cars

Montserrat Rack Train

One of the most attractive, safe and relaxing ways of acessing the mountain of Montserrat is by rack train.
During the 15 minutes that the journey lasts, one can enjoy spectacular views of the mountain and surrounding nature while travelling on public transport. The trip is more than 5 km long and it links the Ferrocarrils of the Generalitat de Catalunya station at Monistrol de Montserrat to the Monastery.
Once one has risen to the monastery area, there are still opportunities to go on excursions thanks to two cable cars:
Santa Cova Cable Car
In the lower station of the Santa Cova Cable Car, very close to where -according to tradition- the Mother of God Montserrat was found. There is an exhibit on the cable cars, their history and evolution until nowadays, and on the legendary origins of Santa Cova.

Sant Joan Cable Car

Over 1000 metres high, a view from the top of the Sant Joan cable car provides the best views of the mountain and the monastery. Once there, at the Nature Classroom, one can visit a space that explains the main features of the Montserrat ecosystem and the excursions that can be carried out.