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This area describes the regulations govern Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya when contracting operations, supplies and services.

FGC is a public company operating in the fields of transport, tourism and mountain-related activities. Its purpose is to contribute towards the improvement of transport and leisure in Catalunya. FGC manages the resources assigned to it or generated by its activity on the basis of criteria of efficacy, respect for the law and optimization of its economic and social profitability. Within this context, FGC’s system of contracting works, supplies and services is adapted to its needs and is fully compliant with current regulations, which in addition guarantee professionalism and fair and equal treatment for its suppliers and users.

This page provides companies and all users with the applicable regulations in relation to current contracts, bids and contract awards.

Contractor Profile

FGC is a government-owned enterprise subject to Law 30/2007 on Public Sector Contracts and especially to Contracting in the fields of water, power, transport and postal services.

The legal system set up by Law 30/07 establishes several levels of connection to its contents. FGC is considered to have a medium level of connection. Bodies included in this level are obliged to make use of all regulations which refer to harmonized contracts. As a result of their high value, public bidding for these contracts must be advertised to the EU. In addition, these contracts offer a higher degree of discretion when contracts of a lower financial value are implemented.

For this reason, FGC has created a series of instructions for contracting that serve as an addition to the current law, thus configuring a dynamic and flexible contracts system that completely respects the principles of publicity, competition, transparency, confidentiality, equality and non-discrimination.

As Law 31/07 is a sector-based regulation centred on railway transport, it is only applied by FGC in contracts that are included in it on account of their value and object. The law specifies procedures similar to the ones envisaged by the public sector regulation, particularly those related to harmonised contracts.

FGC complements its contractual activities by participating in the ProTRANS register, a list of suppliers set up by Law 31/07 that enables FGC and other railway transport companies to choose from a selection of suppliers. In addition, FGC has other regulations in force to establish a direct link between the company and the contracting of works, supplies and services, such as those related to health and safety at work and coordination of works.

FGC also makes use of other contractual mechanisms created by the Generalitat de Catalunya, as are the Electronic Registry of Bidding Companies (RELI) and the Advisory Board Company Classification, which in future will both be complemented by multimedia applications such as the Public Contracting Services Platform of the Generalitat.

Here, FGC provides suppliers and all users with contracts, tenders and contract awards currently in progress.

To obtain further information on FGC’s profile as a contractor, please contact the Provisioning and Contracts Area:
Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya

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Public contract information

To ask information for public contraction you can request in writing to:

Àrea de Contractació
carrer dels Vergós, 44
08017 Barcelona

[email protected]

Complaint and formal compalains

To report a formal complains if there is any failure to comply professional ethics you can request in writing to:

Àrea de Contractació
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08017 Barcelona

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