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L'Alt Llobregat Tourist Train. Cement Train

The Alt Llobregat Touristic Railway or Cement Train is a line that in the past joined the ancient Asland cement factory in Castellar de n’Hug to Guardiola de Berguedà, from where the narrow gauge line heads towards Berga and Manresa.

The train has an itinerary 3,5 kilometers long and 4 s

Its stations are:
 Pobla de Lillet, the Pobla Centre, Jardins Artigas and Cement Museum-Castellar De N'hug.

The route lasts about 20 minutes, a diesel locomotive carries it out using cars that have a capacity for 25 travellers each.

Ticket sales and station opening times:

30 minutes before service starts until completion of service.
Please check out
 the timetables and service calendar on the